The installation of Ondeck floorings is performed via a customized system of clicks and screws specifically designed by our brand to attain a faster and nimbler installation.

In addition, we use a stainless clip system designed in our technical department AISI 304 entirely painted that increases even more its greater resistance to corrosion.

We do not use ferritic in the raw material.

Similarly, our conical special Torx screw, favours the tightening with more points of pressure and reduces the possibility of disabling its own heads.

We pull for the screw centered position so that the platform rests and seats completely flat. In order to achieve the best results, we follow an installation procedure protocol based on the following steps:

– Accumulation of water under the deck should be avoided and it should be installed through the preparation of a waterproof frame on the ground.

– The boards need to be installed with a gentle slope (2%) to prevent water from being collected in the surface.

– Ensure good ventilation of the surface that needs to be covered, allowing a gap of at least 20 mm between the boards and the walls.


Decide the orientation of the deck.

Make sure that orientation of the strips is at right angles to the deck and also that it respects the bracket slope allowing water to drain properly without any interference.

– Ensure the drainage of sumps or equivalent elements.

– Provide a slope of 2-3% in the longitudinal direction of the boards.

– Fix the strips on a multiple of the length of the piece.



Screw the starting clip on the first strip.

In case you start the installation along a wall or other vertical element, remember a small gap of 10-15 mm is required between the deck and the wall.

Follow the same principle to start in the head, however leaving a minimum gap of 20 mm.


Due to the nature of the material, there´s a possibility of expansion and also of longitudinal construction, which must be taken into account at the time of the installation.

That´s the main reason why we should leave a gap between the front edges of the boards to avoid that such expansion causes problems.

We recommend placing double staple on the binding heads to improve the setting of the boards and avoid problems of movement at this point.


Due to their nature, these materials might offer differences in both their theoretical width and length measurements, as well as small bulges in the length of the board. It is mandatory to mount the planks mixed together with no exception.

The accumulation of static electricity is a natural phenomenon that occurs in many polymer products and can occur in all technological laminate floorings under certain environmental conditions.

These assumptions will never mean a cause for complaint.