Encapsulated Composite

The encapsulated composite decking provides a much greater resistance to scratches, stains and erosion. Their finishings turn out as a great imitation of those tropical Woods used on external surfaces.

The heart (CORE) of the decking is composed of a mixture of polymers and wood fiber. It is also surrounded (encapsulated) by a cover with a 100% POLYMER that makes it much tougher.

The colour of all the materials exposed outdoors fade with the passage of time. A great advantage comparative respect to other materials, is that the encapsulated composite not requires of treatments for their maintenance.

Our encapsulated laminate floorings have an extensive warranty.

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Decking: 2.200x138x22.5mm
Cover: 2.200x138x10mm

Technical specifications – Encapsulated composite

Encapsulated Composite