Frequently Asked Questions


Does the colour of my decking fade with the passage of time?
The intensity of the colours will almost not fade, and the main weatherworn will take place on the first months outdoors.

Its material is especially made to minimize the risk of fading (although all materials exposed to weather and environmental factors will undergo changes ) but even so, some amount of fading will be noticed in the first few months .

What´s the recommended way to clean my deck?
Alveolar: According to the toughness of stain, we recommend to use warm water, mild soap or a degreaser.

In case of having a cleaning machine using pressurized water, it can be used to clean the deck, taking into account a safety distance between the tip of the spear and the deck, to avoid damaging.

We advise to test it first on a hidden place of the deck in order to estimate the optimum distance.

If the recommended distance is ignored, the pressurized water might cause abrasion to the surface, damaging it.

In case that any stain persists after performing the recommended cleaning procedures with mild soap and warm water, you should try to find out what kind of product caused the stain (oil, lime, etc …) and try to apply an specific product on the affected area, according to the type of stain.

If despite all efforts, the stain does not disappear, this kind of boards can be sanded, as if they were a wooden flooring .

Encapsulated: It is recommended to test any cleaning product on a hidden place of the deck in order to avoid a new stain.

Can water leave circles of a different color when it evaporates?

In the case of water and other liquids, they may contain different minerals and dirt, which once evaporated, can remain on the surface as solids, drawing these kind of spots.

A good example are the residues of dirt and limescale in the shower surface or the traces of silica (sand) by the rain.

However, they are always external to the product and must be cleaned and / or treated.

In both cases, we are talking about external mineral residues as lime.


Does my composite On-deck flooring include warranty?
It has a limited warranty. Ask the retailer/distributor about the Terms and Conditions.


Replacement of a single piece

Is it possible to replace a piece in case of necessity?
Once the installation has been finished, we always recommend to keep some spare pieces in case the installed ones need to be replaced in the future.

Might my deck absorve too much heat in extreme weather conditions?
It depends on the material and the color.

Once my deck is installed, might it shrink or expand?
Due to the use of plastic polymers in their composition, all composite decks available in the market have the property to expand and shrink under weather conditions such as heat, cold and humidity. That is the reason why we always need to ensure the recommended longitudinal gap between the boards.

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